Monday, February 20, 2006

more kung fu monkey news...

From the winner of our first monkey contest, UK blog reader Matt (and your prize CD is in the mail today), come these ape pics from the Shaw Brothers film THE BATTLE WIZARD:

"I've attached a some kung fu gorilla stills from the Shaw Brothers movie Battle Wizard which you might be interested in (I mentioned them in my comments for your first Dirty Apes post). Quality is pretty poor as I nabbed them from my burnt out Arabic (and English dubbed) VHS - but I'm pretty sure the film has been released on DVD by Celestial. Either way, there's got to be better images out there.

No-one comments on the gorilla's apparent kung fu expertise though - perhaps skilled martial arts monkeys once roamed all over ancient China, so it's not a big deal...."

I've only seen the trailer for this one and it looks soooooo crazy! Anyone chime in with comments on this one? I have some downtime coming up this week, so maybe I'll pop this dvd to the top of the pile. Check out the review at (where the pics below came from)

The poster and magazine images are via (three cheers for Ryan and his fabulous reference site!)

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