Saturday, September 29, 2007

fists of fire!!!

Big thanks to Magicpoe for posting this BBC doc from 1975 on the Shaw Brothers from around the time of the Shaw/Hammer coproduction Legend of the 7 Golden Vampire. Only watched part one of three, but it has AMAZING footage of the soundstages and sets at the studio. Also, an interview with David Chiang! Not able to paste in the embedded html, but the links are here:


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the fist of fire doc. Happy to share it. Here is a link to my playlists which can be embedded into a webpage.

I read your blog often. You purchased a poster from me sometime back, Attack of the Joyful Goddess I think. Take care.

Thank you,


Poptique said...

Great heads up - BBC documentaries like this so very rarely get rescreened in the UK it's unlikely it'll get an "official" airing again.

There's also a Shaw focused episode of Whicker's World from the early 70s which I'd love to see (the NFT screened it during a season of Kung Fu movies a few years back, but I missed it)

Shame the BBC didn't show a Shaw retrospective to commemorate Sir Run Run's 100th year, but their excellent factual channel BBC 4 is going through a few troubles at the mo...