Tuesday, April 07, 2009

tee-shirts of fury!

One of my favourite stores in Hong Kong is G.O.D. aka Goods of Design, a place with so much nifty homewares, clothes, books and more that I just want to buy one of everything from the store and fill a shipping container so I can redo my apartment in Toronto. Oh well, just guess I'll have to wait til I become a mogul. Went by there on my first full day in HK and my jaw dropped at these t-shirts of the characters from the early Jademan comics.

I grabbed the package which was on sale and now have a swanky tote bag, key chain, note book and tee!

I had posted some of the grisly covers of these comic before on the blog, but I linked directly to them on another site which has now long gone. Wild wild stuff. And the film with Donnie Yen pales in comparison. I will have to scan some of the pages from the ones I have as the style in late 70s and early 80s is so graphically bold and kinetic, vastly different from the airbrushed style found in the comics today.

(the above images came from: www.usscatastrophe.com)

For more information, check out Siuyi Wong's fabulous reference book, Hong Kong Comics: A History of Manhua. Here are some pics of some of the older covers.


Jason said...

Old school Dragon Tiger Gate illustrations + T-shirt = EPIC WIN!!!

sexy said...







Wostry Ferenc said...

I tried to order 2 shirt from them, but with the shipping it's crazy expensive...