Tuesday, August 01, 2006

They Call Him Chop Suey

Since I am taking it easy, trying to beat the heat of Toronto, I guess I should be filing more posts on the blog. Problem is I will be heading to the cottage in the next two days where there is only dial-up! GASP! Whatever will I do? Relax maybe...

This posting goes out to my good friend Romeo who has been sweating in worse climates in the Philippines. He has been working hard on his film THE INHERITANCE which you can read about here, here and even here.

Grabbed this poster for THEY CALL HIM CHOP SUEY, unaware that is was a Filipino flick starring 70s Tagalog kung fu hero Ramon Zamora (DRAGON, LIZARD, BOXER and SNAKE DRAGON CONNECTION) and written by Bobby Suarez who would later go on to direct/produce stellar films like ONE-ARMED EXECUTIONER, CLEOPATRA WONG, and BIONIC BOY 1 & 2 (aka DYNAMITE JOHNSON and TRONIC BOY). Romeo - look these dudes up for for cameos in your martial arts epic!

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