Thursday, September 25, 2008


This link just appeared in my inbox and so far it has only gotten 63 views on YouTube. From The Chuds and R Room, the minds that brought you the Weng Weng Rap comes this zipperlicious rap!

What is Welcome Home Brother Charles? Flip back just over a year ago and read about how our friends over at Dead Channels screened director Jamaa Fanaka's personal 35mm print of his 1975 debut film, Welcome Home Brother Charles (aka Soul Vengeance) a "nearly forgotten (yet absolutely unforgettable), gritty, artistic, socially conscious, grindhouse jaw-dropper."

And at the Alamo Drafthouse, the question is asked: "Why is Wednesday night's screening of WELCOME HOME BROTHER CHARLES an essential ticket?"

Now undo your fly, let it all hang out and enjoy...

The original Trailer: