Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Bird meets... the Monkey King?

I recently found this old Sesame Street book called "Big Bird in China" at a Salvation Army for only 50 cents. How could I resist? It's based on a special from 1983 that I didn't know about until I picked up the book. Here are some highlights:

"Big Bird in China" on YouTube.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

place some bids of fury on eBay!

Getting back in the auction game and putting up some doubles and extras from my poster collection up on the block. Going to be doing it slowly, but I have some gems to post in the upcoming months! If you want me to add you to an email alert list for when I post new items on eBay, send me an email to ultra8pictures at gmail dot com.

Stephen Chow and Sandra Ng in LOVE IS LOVE.
Check out the massive late 80s cell phone!

Link to eBay auction.

The Shaw Brothers sword action flick JOURNEY OF THE DOOMED
with a Conan inspired illustrated poster!

An early Golden Harvest kung fu comedy with ghosts!

Link to eBay auction.

Bodyguards & Assassins

First saw this at Twitch, but it turns out they got it from the German/English site AHT (that I am exploring and digging) --- a teaser trailer for the upcoming martial arts film by Teddy Chan, BODYGUARDS & ASSASSINS. This is a project that Chan has been developing for over two years and I am looking forward to it. The trailer reminds me of the look and feel of the Film Workshop martial arts actioners like ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA or DRAGON INN. Fingers crossed that it all comes together! Link for the trailer and more posters. Below is the promo for the film with behind the scenes footage, the teaser trailer and a Chinese news broadcast from the set.

Do you have any idea how much body guards cost these days? If you ever feel in danger you could always take out a cash advance to help pay for a body guard or two.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dog Bite Hot Dog

Like Colin said in his intro, I'm in Montreal for a week to see a slew of films at Fantasia Fest. There aren't that many martial arts films playing while I'm in town, so I've found some other stuff around town.

Fantasia Fest cover story with an image from Wilson Yip's IP MAN, which had its Canadian Premiere the other day. Also.. A $1.25 steamed hot dog qui connais le kung-fu aussi.

Some kung-fu graffiti in Montreal's Chinatown.

$45,000 would buy me a lot of steamed hot dogs. (Un)fortunately I'm all too familiar with the old adage, "Those who can.. kick ass. Those who can't.. blog."

I saw POWER KIDS yesterday, and while far from a masterpiece, it was a lot of fun seeing kids give and receive massive thai boxing beatdowns. Check out the trailer.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Now playing at the IMPERIAL SIX: Again With The Kill And Kill

Going to be going posting a number of ads scanned from old, yellowed newspapers in days to come... Get used to it.

Didn't we tell you about the 36 and a half chamber?

Bow your heads, chant the secret mantra of inner strength and welcome a new member to the Kung Fu Fridays blog – Jeff Wright! An experienced blogger and Asian film freek, I think he'll make himself right at home in the temple. He is currently in Montreal attending Fantasia this week and we hope to get a few posts from him.

Need to know more about the newest disciple? Read on!
Jeff Wright is a Toronto-based musician, writer and professional film buff. After retiring his critically acclaimed and controversially-conceptual band Shit Wizard in the mid '00s due to the tour related difficulties of having members in Japan, Iceland, and France, Jeff turned his attention to film full time. Jeff is a frequent contributor to and a founding editor of the film review blog They Shoot Actors Dont They. Jeff also curated the film component of the 2008-09 Over The Top Festival in Toronto, and looks forward to doing more programming in the future.
And of course, you can follow him on twitter: If you are not already, you can follow me:

(And for all our stalkers, I am the dude in the middle and Jeff is the one on the right. And if you don't know the killing machine on the left - FAIL)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hand drawn scary

A hand drawn card used for window display for, I believe, the film THE
ENCHANTRESS. The witch part is a xerox coloured with marker.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Blonde Fury aka Lady Reporter

Scanning some images from my lobbycards for BLONDE FURY aka LADY REPORTER starring Cynthia Rothrock for a screening of the film at the end of July at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa. Some great pics here. The film bogs down in silly comedy, but the fights deliver. Saw it on the big screen a few years ago and it was a blast. Plus director Ronnie Yu (BRIDE WITH THE WHITE HAIR) as the baddie! And if you look closely at the fighter Rothrock squares off against in the YouTube clip below, I think that's Thai stunt and fight coordinator supreme, Panna Rittikrai (ONG BAK).

Cynthia Rothrock VS Panna Rittikrai (?)

Theatrical Trailer

Friday, July 03, 2009


Browsing through eBay tonight finding some real gems, like this one:

DON`T YOU WANT TO KNOW??? Real FAN Mail! READ REAL FAN MAIL! Are you ever curious?? Curious what is in all that fan mail sent to movie and television stars? Well now you can have YOUR OWN peek. You are bidding on 5 0r 6 pieces of authentic fan mail sent to DAVID CARRADINE. KUNG FU himself!!! That`s a lot of mail. You will be amazed at what people put in a fan letter. Sex, passion, rock & roll! Curiouser?? Put in a bid and find out for yourself. This is the REAL stuff! Some of it still unopened.

This can be yours for the "Buy Now" price of only $14.95!

Original Pre Death Hong Kong Bruce Lee Real Photo

"Original Pre Death Hong Kong Bruce Lee Real Photo"

Imagine the bidding price on a "Post Death" photo! From an eBay auction currently on the block. Yours for a "Buy Now" price of $149.99!