Sunday, December 31, 2006

back to the roots of reason - poster posting #1

One of the intial reasons I started this blog was to share some of the images from my collection of Hong Kong movie posters. Looks like I got waylaid in the kung fu pop culture items that litter the webosphere. Now that I have started another blog to handle the non-kung fu/asian posts, I think I will try to get back to my roots as it were. And remember - once of the fun things about doing a blog is the interactive nature of it, so please leave comments!

Was going through the collection looking for stuff to put up on ebay for auction and found these. Not sure if they are destined for the biddling zone yet. Click on them to see them bigger. Enjoy! More to come!

BUTTERFLY AND SWORD starring Joey Wong! Tony Leung! Michelle Yeoh! Donnie Yen! Elvis Tsui Kam-Kong! Jimmie Lin! (where did he go?)
(Read the review over at

BLUE JEAN MONSTER starring Amy Yip and Shing Fui-on!
(read the review at Hong Kong Cinema: View From the Brooklyn Bridge)

CRAZY SAFARI starring Lam Ching Ying and Nixau from THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY

xmas fu#4 - who the hell was the "Amazing Kung Fu"?

Last of the yuletide postings. Found this "Special Christmas Extravaganza" wrestling event over at this Liverpool Museum site.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

xmas fu#3 - my christmas card

To all readers of my blog - this goes out to you. I made up this Christmas card maybe in 1992? Here is a scan of it. Still pleased by it after all these years...

Wishing you all the best of the season!

xmas fu#2 - Bruce Lee at Santa's Town?

Tourist-type video footage of a Bruce Lee display at Santa's Town in Hong Kong. The mind reels...

Saturday, December 23, 2006

wandering around the old Shaw sets...

Found these by chance (when doing my yule fu search) on youtube - clips of a Brit's trip to the Shaw Brothers studio lot circa 1995. Seems like nobody believed him that he went so he uploaded these clips along with his other works and aspirations ('nuff said).

xmas fu#1 - and Eddie Murphy as Bruce Lee...?

In doing a search for "kung fu + christmas" on google images, I found a listing of this episode of Saturday Night Live from December 20th, 1980 where the guest host was David Carradine. They must have been hard up for hosts that year. One of the segments was for a commerical with Carradine playing Caine called "Kung Fu Christmas" with Gilbert Gottfried as the "Master" and Eddie Murphy as Bruce Lee! Very curious... Can't find it on youtube. Scant details here. And this is the biggest pic I could find:

Friday, December 15, 2006

god of royale

Over on HK film fan and noted film guru David Bordwell's blog is an entry stripping down the subject of Casino Royale being a "throwback" with links to three of my faves - FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE, THE IPCRESS FILE and THE GOD OF GAMBLERS....

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

jay chou is fearless

Cause I doubt that this will be on the US dvd... Pop singer Jay Chou was the dullest hero ever in his role as delivery boy/race car driver in INITIAL D, but the video he did for FEARLESS rocks. When I was in HK and FEARLESS was out on DVD, this song was echoing through the streets.


Go check Grady's posting about Chinatown cinemas at Kaiju Shakedown, expecially now that the Four Star in San Francisco has been saved.
“In the early 70’s, after the Vietnam War ended, there was a wave of Vietnamese immigrants who came over to this country and they loved Shaw Brothers stuff -- Ti Lung, Chang Cheh -- and they started opening Chinese cinemas. Every weekend our theaters did great business. There wasn’t much for Chinese to do, back then. There was no Chinese TV, no videos, no karaoke. The only form of entertainment for Chinese were movies. It was so lucrative; we had midnight shows, double features. It was just madness. But those times are gone.”