Monday, November 21, 2011

My eBay Auctions Nov 20-27

As some of you devoted blog disciples may know, I occasionally put up eBay auctions of items from my personal Hong Kong movie poster collection, but it has been some time since I listed anything. Well, I have a wedding in January that I need to pay for, so back in the auction ring I go!

All the following auctions are of various doubles from my collection and there are some fine posters here, if I don't say so myself! I hope to list new auctions every week and will soon be listing some mega-rare lobbycard sets!

Starting bids for some of the posters start at $2.99 and I have a few auctions with "Buy It Now" pricing. Have a look, browse around and if the feeling hits you, BID!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

RIP Ricky Hui

I've been archiving my posters today (an ongoing task) and game across the poster for Games Gamblers Play which made me realize I didn't share the news of Ricky Hui's passing this week. I have a fondness for him as he starred in Mr. Vampire, which was one of my entry points to Hong Kong cinema. Watching him then, little did I realize his contribution to Hong Kong comedy and of course the relation to his other entertainer brothers, Michael and Sam. 

Here is a selection of only a few of the Ricky Hui images I have in my collection.

Rest in peace Ricky.

Read the asiaone story for more details.

Lost Secrets of The Royal

I just came back from the reception at A-Space Gallery for "Lost Secrets of The Royal" that showcased two of four installations made from odd reels of 35mm Hong Kong films that I rescued from Toronto's The Royal cinema back when it was the Chinese cinema, The Golden Princess.

While I donated many of the complete prints to the University of Toronto, but with the odd and incomplete reels, I donated it to the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) with the stipulation they be used and recycled. The Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, of which I sit on the advisory board, commissioned four installtions with LIFT that were unveiled at this week at the festival. You can read more about it here.

I really loved the two pieces, "SNAKE'S SHADOW" and "OFFICER TUBA MEETS THE HAPPY GHOST" Both artists "got it" in my opinion. Well done! If in Toronto, go see it! I hope to post more photos from the show later this week.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011