Thursday, September 21, 2006

where have I been...?

I disappeared for awhile, but to answer the question of where I went, simply do a search for "Borat + Toronto" on youtube for a general idea.

Toronto Film Festival Projectionist (Programmer) Slain By Angry Borat Fans

or for another take on the story read this

The order of the evening went as so:

#1 - the arrival!

#2 - the introduction!

#3 - the projection booth!

#4 - my impending lynching

and now I am part of a viral marketing campaign...


Anonymous said...

Drat. I heard about this. What a nightmare to deal with on stage. But it looks like Borat took it all in stride, and my friends in the audience said that they had a good time even without the movie.

By the way, thanks for your comment on my WFMU blog. Things are going well in NYC, and hopefully by next year I'll be settled into some cushy job that will send me back to the festival.

Jesse said...

Colin - be careful - I think at some point the US are going to have to send Borat off to Guantanamo Bay to shut him up, and they may be looking for all his known associates....