Saturday, December 23, 2006

xmas fu#1 - and Eddie Murphy as Bruce Lee...?

In doing a search for "kung fu + christmas" on google images, I found a listing of this episode of Saturday Night Live from December 20th, 1980 where the guest host was David Carradine. They must have been hard up for hosts that year. One of the segments was for a commerical with Carradine playing Caine called "Kung Fu Christmas" with Gilbert Gottfried as the "Master" and Eddie Murphy as Bruce Lee! Very curious... Can't find it on youtube. Scant details here. And this is the biggest pic I could find:

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Anonymous said...

There's a glimpse of Eddie Murphy's Bruce Lee impression in TRADING PLACES. His bios often state that Murphy idolized Bruce and Elvis and he mimicked them all the time growing up, but only the Elvis impression made it into his stage act. Hopefully this sketch will pop up on youtube. SNL reruns from 1980 are scarce even in the US.