Saturday, January 27, 2007

yuen wo-ping directs breakdance bmx battles!

Here is an interesting skeleton from the closet of Donnie Yen - MISMATCHED COUPLES, truly a product of the 80s from HK. Yuen Wo-ping directs and stars in this silly breakdance fu farce. Not avail on dvd I don't think, only VCD. Check out this review over at Dragon's Den UK:
Eddie (Donnie Yen) is an athletic breakdancer who boasts his skills among the youths of 80s Hong Kong. Living with his older sister and young cousin (May Law), Eddie's one dream is to impress the glamorous girl he constantly meets at social events. (click for more)
Looks like Donnie traded the make-up for a permatan in SPL. This film was actually on the schedule for Kung Fu Fridays until the closure of the Revue/Royal ended the series. I got to meet Donnie last year in Hong Kong and over drinks, you should have seen his face when I told him I had a print of it! We were talking about the possibility DRAGON TIGER GATE playing in Midnight Madness at the Toronto International Film Festival, and I joked that if he didn't attend, I would show COUPLES instead...

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