Friday, March 09, 2007

she's a firecracker

Here is another image I found flipping through mags that just might distract you this Friday afternoon. Behold Jillian Kesner from FIRECRACKER, an action flick from the Philippines directed by Ciro H. Santiago, the director of T.N.T. JACKSON, SHE DEVILS IN CHAINS, HELL HOLE, THE MUTHERS, VAMPIRE HOOKERS, CAGED FURY and more mind blowing B-goodness... Jillian was also married to famed DOP, B director and pal of Orson Welles, Gary Graver who passed away in Nov of 2006. Been meaning to do a posting of him over on my Popcorn blog.


Anonymous said...

Still not quite sure how I got here (Google is strange beast :P ), but cool blog regardless. I'm a big fan of kung-fu movies.

I've never seen "Firecracker", but I've had the misfortune of seeing "Vampire Hookers"; it's B-movie cheesinees at it's finest :)

gaza said...

i have seen firecracker and without a doubt jillian was the highlight of a very cheesy movie shoul be regarded as a cult classic though