Friday, December 30, 2011

Counterfeit Jet

Yup, this is how I think of Jet Li, in a dress jacket and t-shirt... Really? This is a depiction of Jet Li? Isn't there a death sentence in China for bad wax figure sculptors? If I were Jet Li, I'd demolish this pale imitation with my fists! Here is the source for the photo, with a fluff bio piece on Li.

Jet Li poses with his wax figure in Shanghai [Photo:]


hardcore buddy said...

Just looks like him or should I say a younger version of him. :)

dmarks said...

I'd watch a movie of this:

Jet Li's "Furious Fists of Wax"!

Kenpo Karate said...

Ditto! Jet Li faces his mightiest opponent yet: a clone made of wax! I guess it may be too much like The One... I'd give it a go!