Sunday, April 08, 2007

kung fu comic book fun: "Going To Different Paths" pt 1

Last year when I was in HK, I visited this little anitque/junk/ephemera store on Hollywood road and bought a few "comics". The were little books with illustrations and captions of the story below. I am bee slowly scanning them in with the plan to post them in sequence on the blog. No idea what the chinese text is about, but glad to get any feedback. I have been able to figure out the title of this one however. I love the style of this comic. The panels look like pen and ink reproductions from films still, which they very well could be. This white boy certainly doesn't know, but he grooves on the artwork! Get ready for the first installment of:

"Fun Do Yeung Biu"
Which means
"Going To Different Paths"
By martial artist Fok Dong Kok

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