Friday, August 03, 2007

when the Moon shone bright...

Been so busy with my film fest work the past month that I have neglected this blog. Still trying to post on Popcorn & Sticky Floors, plus just started a blog for Midnight Madness, but have felt guilty not posting here more. Just got into my office and have a large number of tasks to accomplish before I run off to the cottage on Tuesday, when this newspaper ad sticking out from a stack of paper caught my eye. No real reason to pick it, it just presented itself. And no, the title of the film, FATAL TERMINATION is not a secret clue that I am closing up shop. Hardly! I have a wealth of stuff that I just need to scan and post and share. Thats what fall and winter are for. Meanwhile, enjoy this newsprint antique:

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Drazen said...

Hey Colin,
Yikes just found your blog, very excellent!
heres a link to something I do you might enjoy