Sunday, September 23, 2007

got nostalgic

Yes, been away from the temple of Kung Fu Friday for almost two months. As usual, things got busy with my job doing the Midnight Madness selection at the Toronto International Film Festival. Of course, this did involve pimping the Fu as I screened FLASH POINT. For Midnight Madness I ran a blog with some intrepid contributers and will shortly post the video for the Intro and Q&A with Wilson Yip for FLASH POINT. I'll be sure to add a link here.

On the weekend I attended a course on letterpress printing out east on Gerrard Street, where the 2nd of our three or four Toronto Chinatowns exist. This brought back memories as there used to be an AMAZING video store that I would make the trek to so to rent VHS tapes back when I was learning about the wild world of HK cinema. Saldy, the dvd/vcd selection pales when compared to what they had on VHS. And they are selling off bags of randomly grouped tapes in lots of ten for only $5. Ahhhh, the memories. To cheer everyone up, here is a behind the scenes video from 8 DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER that my buddy King sent me some time ago.

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Grandmaster said...

Wow, thanks for that! Pole Fighter is one of my all time favorite movies. The first time I met the RZA, he told me a story that the Wu-Tang Clan was originally formed around that movie. They all initially had the same names as the characters in the movie(ODB was the Fifth Brother, RZA was the abbot, etc) Apparently they recorded a few tracks that way before becoming Wu-Tang.