Sunday, July 06, 2008

Gordon Liu in Montreal for Fantasia and for my poster exhibit!

Totally jazzed about this! So I had posted before about the invitation by the Quebec Cinematheque to curate an exhibit of 50 of my Hong Kong movie posters. Well, the poster choices have been made, the posters framed and hung and now we have a special bonus! It turns out that Gordon Liu, whose face in the poster for Return to the 36 Chambers is the central image for the exhibit, is in Montreal for a screening of Disciples of the 36 Chambers that is being presented at Fantasia. He was supposed to leave on the 8th, but we have been able to get him to extend his stay so that he can attend the opening of the exhibit! WOW!

Below is the invite for the opening. Drop a comment if you are going to be in Montreal and can check it out. And to see an interview with Gordon Liu at Fantasia, click here. The segment is in French, but his interview is subtitled in English.

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Anonymous said...

WOW is right! Would've LOVED to have attended, but thanks for the pics!!