Tuesday, April 04, 2006

sitting with the masters

Still in HK and find myslef at starbucks again trying to file a travel report. last night had the honour of attending a gala dinner tribute to HK martial arts action choreographers. awards were presented to Sammo Hung, Yuen Wo-ping, Lau Kar Leung, Ching Tsui-tung and Jackie (who was absent). Soooo many masters in the room! my head was spinning. Below are a few of the pics I took. Have lots of info to update on the blog when I get some time. Going to the premiere of Johnnie To's ELECTION 2 this evening and zipping around from meeting to meeting with friends and biz aquaintances. Back on the 7th to Toronto, weary and jetlagged, but with lots of stories to tell...

And for those who want to know who was the true master of the fashion runaway, read Grady Henrix' best and worst dressed critique here. Then read how Simon Yam took issue with his "Worst Dressed" award, resulting in an official change to the "Most Philosophically Dressed Award".

Ground breaking producer/director Ng See Yuen and Chiaki Kuriyama
(Go-Go Yubari from KILL BILL) present an award to Yuen Wo-ping

Yuen Qiu and Yuen Wah present the award to Sammo Hung
(the landlady and landlord from Kung Fu Hustle)

Yuen Qiu and Yuen Wah present the award to Sammo Hung
(the landlady and landlord from Kung Fu Hustle)

Tony Ching Tsui-tung accepts his award from Tsui Hark and not sure about the lady....?

Tsui Hark

Gordon Liu Chia-Hui looks immortal!

Yasuaki Kurata, Liu Chia-Liang and Gordon Liu Chia-Hui share a laugh.

Yasuaki Kurata one of the stars of A LIFE OF NINJA
(playing as part of the Kung Fu Fridays series on April 28)

Cheung-Yuen Yan, brother of Yuen Wo-Ping, member of the Yuen Clan and director
of Taoism Drunkard finds the lost issue of INFINITE KUNG FU


Anonymous said...

WOW you lucky man! thats a great event, i look forward to meeting Gordon Lui at an evnt in Birmingham soon.

any more stories or pictures would be welcome..

Anonymous said...

Wow, great pics! Thank you for sharing. I think Yuen Wo Ping's brother's name should be Yuen Cheung-Yan.

Klaus Kinski Jr said...

sure you get ot meet all these great heroes of martial art cineman and thne you come home soon and hang out with the man who brought a fucking boat over a mountain. Bastard!

Anonymous said...

Really nice pix, thanks for sharing! =) I think the person presenting the award with Tsui Hark is Cecilia Yip-Tung.

Poptique said...

Now that is an evening to remember...

Everything from 36 Chambers to Life of Ninja. Unbubbylievabubble.