Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jupiter Foto: taking pictures of the pictures

If you are ever at a film event in Hong Kong, you will most likely notice a nimble photographer, zipping in and out of the celebreties and bystanders alike, snapping photos from odd angles. This man is Jupiter Wong aka Jupiter Foto, a talented and dedicated documentarian of the world of HK cinema. He is truly a force of gravity for the stars around him!

When in HK for my first time I was able to buy collection of his photos that I have used as the best autograph book!

In september 2004, the HK Film Archive had an exhibit of his works called Fame Flame Frame and made a companion book for it which can be purchased online. Here is a blurb on Jupiter from the book:

"Jupiter Wong's photos not only record a film and its shooting location, but also embed Jupiter's mood at that time and space. Once he got a camera in hand, Jupiter would think of himself as a film director and his pictures are actually his own directorial creation. Be it a director, a star, a crewmember or a stunt man in his pictures, there is always something happening around his focus point. The faces captured by him - be they melancholic, passionate, worried, excited, happy or sad, there is always a story to tell."
Jupiter has his own website where you can see examples of his work on screen, off screen, and some of his snapshots. A true inspiration when I play around with my camera. And here is a picture of the man and myself in 2000. No comments on the stylin' shirt. It was HK and THE MISSION had just come out after all...

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Sanjay S. Rajput said...

How cool would it have been if you had Jupiter somehow take the photo of the 2 of you together? Great site BTW, hope you've got some more great stuff lined up to keep us awake this fall!