Wednesday, October 01, 2008

blind embargo outlaw samurai

Amazing Cuban posters found on eBay by blog reader Kat. Check out her movie review blog, They Shoot Actors. Don't They? Love the Zatoichi The Fugitive poster below. Not sure what the other one is for. The director is listed as Keiichi Ozawa, but can't find any cast listings on IMDB for his films. Maybe it is for The Outlaw Sword?

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Anonymous said...

The second poster is from "Duel in the Wind" (aka Kaze no tengu; 土忍記 風の天狗) - IMDb.

(His US title is pretty strange: "Superman on Gale")

Found the original poster

AND, because it was also released in Poland, the amazing polish poster!

(isn't that great? :))

And thx for your post!