Friday, May 28, 2010

Hire this man!

And in the bottom of that last story I linked to:
Interestingly, while Chan's celebrity parents have spared no expense to make their son happy, one of Jackie Chan's former employees, William Duen, claimed they were misers and mistreating their employees.

Duen claimed that the kungfu star fired his former right-hand man, Kenneth Lo, right after he appointed his wife Lin as head of his two entertainment firms JCE Movies and JC Group.

Duen, who was also fired after Lin's appointment, accused Jackie Chan of being "a heartless boss" when he spoke to Hong Kong reporters last week.

Lo, 50, had been working with Jackie Chan for 30 years but apparently received just HK$100,000 (S$18,000) in compensation when he was dismissed last year.

Lo, who had no other experience other than being a martial artist and bodyguard, is reportedly still unemployed.

Not meaning to bash Jackie, but there is also this story: Jackie Chan a ruthless boss?

And here is a fan tribute to Ken Lo, bodyguard and an astounding and underrated martial arts actor:

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Emile said...

God, this is just disheartening. Half of the reason why Drunken Master II was such an amazing film was because Jackie fought Ken Lo at the end of it. Jackie has just become such a pathetic, weasel of a man that it's almost a waste of energy to feel angry at the guy. I remember being in Hong Kong in 2005 and going to see Dragon Reloaded II just so I could see Ken Lo (and Sam Lee) in that otherwise forgettable flick. Ken Lo deserves much, much better.