Monday, December 26, 2005

Hold on to your heads!

Drafting up some entries and plotting out the course of my new blog. Taking some baby steps as I flex my old writing muscles. In the meantime, here is a great Italian poster for THE FLYING GUILLOTINE, the 1975 Shaw Brothers flick that started a mini-genre of airbourne cuisinart weapons. Previously only available dubbed in English and in a crappy pan and scan quite possibily taped off TV, it is now out on Region 3 DVD remastered, in Shawscope, in Chinese with English subtitles.

The truly gonzo flying guillotine film to catch is MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE aka ONE-ARMED BOXER 2 which features a one-armed hero, a blind guillotine master, and a yoga master who can extend his arms, kinda like Stretch Armstrong. Long thought to be lost, the original elements of the film were restruck for a limited release a few years ago.

I've recently stumbled across a number of great posters for the Italian releases. The level of detail is amazing, far superior to the cheap US posters. Such a promise of action, violence and sex. Heck, on this poster alone, I'd buy a ticket. I'll try and take a better picture of this in the future. For reference, here is the Chinese release poster of THE FLYING GUILLOTIE. Ciao.

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