Monday, December 26, 2005

You killed my father, but still...

After much meditation on the steps of the blog temple, I have decided to walk through the hollowed doors and start the Kung Fu Fridays blog! This blog will serve as a sidebar to the Kung Fu Fridays movie screening series here in Toronto and also to share my curious hobby of collecting Asian kung fu movie memoribillia. And of course, I will deviate from that with links to other cinema, music and pop culture tidbits.

The true inspiration from this blog comes a Merry Christmas email from my bud in a faraway place, Jason Gray, who is living with his lovely wife Eiko in Japan. In his greeting, he urged his friends to start blogs so he could be updated on what we were all up to. Well here it is, bud! Once I get a hang of this, I might start another one that will be more personal, but first things first. More entries to come.

1 comment:

Jason Gray said...

I wasn't expecting results this quickly -- good to see you up and running!

There are times when I wish I could sashay down to the reps and see an old school kungfu film -- I miss that.