Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jackie, you cunning monkey, you!

Well since Jackie Chan was unable to attend the tribute to his contempararies, let me pull this little nugget from his past - excerpts from the Japanese theatrical sovenier programe for HALF A LOAF OF KUNG FU. What is with the little cartoon image about of Jackie doing a drunken little jig? Maybe because he was dancing to the two little ditties made for the film, "Monkey's On The Loose" and "Cunning Monkey". It has been ages since I saw the film and I don't have a copy, so does anyone out there remember if these shongs are in the film or were added for the Japanese release? Check out the lyrics for these. Lets try and get these covered and spark a new kung fu pop song craze! Any contenders whose vocal martial skills would be up for the task?

Wish I had the actual songs to share with you, but instead, here is a disco song I found on a Japanese CD collection of Chan's film theme songs, aptly called, "Crazy Monkey" for your listening pleasure. Anyone know what Chan film that one is from?

And the flip side of this 45 playing on the kung fu juke box? Check out Jackie's fine vocals on the "Theme For The Young Master". "This road that I've been walking/Don't seem to have no end/And I've never met/A single man yet/That I could call my friend"... Gee Jackie, what about Chris Tucker? "It seems to me/I was born to be/A kung-fu fightin' man" Sing Jackie, Sing!

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Kagan M. said...

Great. Songs.
Maybe I'll do a rap cover of Cunning Monkey. No promises.