Friday, May 05, 2006

the Monkey Trilogy

From Kung Fu Fridays disciple Ben Murray comes some nutty little shorts. Send the monkey some bananas. Please!? In Ben's own words:

"On the urging of my friend Myrocia Watamaniuk, I've submitted the Monkey Trilogy to mobifest, an online film festival dedicated to content made for cell phones. As some of you know, the Monkeys have already built a bit of a cult following, and now it's time to take them to the masses. Simply click on the links below, watch and then rate them. The 30 most popular titles will be screened on May 17th here in Toronto. If you're asking yourself as you watch them "man, those things sure look a lot like a monk-e-mail" you're right! They are monk-e-mails reconstituted and captured in Quicktime. Let's just say I'll be crossing the copyright bridge if I get to it. Special thanks to Justin Stayshyn for transferring the films, and to Myrocia for suggesting I do this in the first place. Happy viewing..."

The Monkey Trilogy 1: "I Live In A Toilet"

The Monkey Trilogy 2: "I Am Still Yet To Receive The Bananas"

The Monkey Trilogy 3: "Peruvian Adventure"

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