Friday, November 14, 2008

Bruce Lee Friday

Just stumbled across the news of the Chinese 50 episode TV series The Legend of Bruce Lee over at Kaiju Shakedown, which in turn got the news from Mark Pollard's great site, Kung Fu Cinema.
Bruce Lee finally comes to mainland China. That’s the angle many news outlets are taking in describing THE LEGEND OF BRUCE LEE, a 50-part prime time TV series described as a “biography” of the famed martial artist and film star that begins airing on state-sponsored Chinese television on Sunday. Despite dozens of films and TV series from Hong Kong, the U.S. and elsewhere that have depicted Bruce Lee and his life ever since his premature death in 1973, no attempt has been made by mainland Chinese producers, at least on this scale, to cover this topic until now.
Read the full story here including details on the involvement of Mark Dacascos (BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF), Ray Park (STAR WARS: EPISODE ONE - THE PHANTOM MENACE), and Gary Daniels (CITY HUNTER). Here is an extended trailer (which just seems to be a loop of various versions of the credit sequences.

And in celebration of this series, here are a number of Bruce-sploitation themed posters including a HOT black light poster I scored on eBay a few years ago. Enjoy!

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Charlie Kondek said...

Just FYI, I would eat dirty socks for that black light poster. I saw a velvet Bruce at a gas station painting sale once and still curse myself for not pulling over and purchasing it.