Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dec 1st - Free screening of ENTER THE FAT DRAGON!!!

If you live in or nearby Toronto, Christmas treats are being delivered early this year with a FREE screening of the Kung Fu Fridays cult favourite, ENTER THE FAT DRAGON, starring Sammo Hung! 35mm print! Big Screen Thrills! Be sure to show up early to get a seat!

Monday December 1st - 7:00 PM
Innis Hall - 2 Sussex Avenue
1978 / Hong Kong / Cantonese with English Subtitles / 89 mins
Director: Sammo Hung
Martial Arts Director: Sammo Hung
Cast: Sammo Hung, Li Hai-sheng, Leung Kar Yan, Roy Chiao, Feng Ko-an,

Time to relearn the one of the first cinematic combat styles taught in the temple of the late, lamented Kung Fu Fridays with Enter The Fat Dragon, starring Hong Kong fight flick legend, Sammo Hung. In this rollicking tribute and loving send-up of the legacy of Bruce Lee, Sammo plays a farm boy who comes to Hong Kong to work for his uncle. He idolizes Lee and attempts to act like him, fight like him and even dress like him, every chance he gets, leading to a mix up with a bunch of crooks who kidnap the girl he has a crush on. Sammo had worked with Lee on Enter the Dragon, appearing as a Shaolin fighter who spars with Lee at the beginning of the film. His respect for the screen icon shows as every scowl, thumbed nose, shriek, and hand gesture is nailed down perfectly. Loads of laughs and the last reel is chock full of wild fights as Sammo dukes it out with a European boxing champion, a black karate expert a la Jim Kelly from Enter the Dragon, and a Chinese kung fu master of played by Leung Kar Yan, who played the bad guy in several Kung Fu Fridays picks including The Victim, My Life Is On The Line and Five Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes. Without a doubt, Enter The Fat Dragon is one of Sammo Hung's most entertaining films and the features the best imitation of Bruce Lee ever seen on screen. Many thanks to Rob King for making this screening possible!

Check this clip from the flick!

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