Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bodyguards & Assassins

First saw this at Twitch, but it turns out they got it from the German/English site AHT (that I am exploring and digging) --- a teaser trailer for the upcoming martial arts film by Teddy Chan, BODYGUARDS & ASSASSINS. This is a project that Chan has been developing for over two years and I am looking forward to it. The trailer reminds me of the look and feel of the Film Workshop martial arts actioners like ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA or DRAGON INN. Fingers crossed that it all comes together! Link for the trailer and more posters. Below is the promo for the film with behind the scenes footage, the teaser trailer and a Chinese news broadcast from the set.

Do you have any idea how much body guards cost these days? If you ever feel in danger you could always take out a cash advance to help pay for a body guard or two.

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