Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Say, "I Love Killing Butterflies!"

Here is a snap I scanned from an old HK movie mag I found - a shot of Tsui Hark and cast and crew from 1979's The Butterfly Murders, Hark's debut. Always wanted to see his swordplay TV series that got him this gig.

Back row, from left to right (the dudes): action director Wong Shu-Tong; actor Tino Wong Cheung; director Tsui Hark; producer Ng See Yuen; actor Lau Siu-Ming; actor Chang Kuo-Chu.

Front row, from left to right (the ladies): actress Ha Kwong-Li; actress JoJo Chan Kei-Kei; actress Michelle Yim; actor Tsui Siu-Ling.

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