Monday, March 01, 2010

HK poster a day #23 - Night Caller / 平安夜

Night Caller / 平安夜 (1985)
Director: Phillip Chan Yan-Kin
Script: Phillip Chan Yan-Kin
Action Director: Billy Chan Wui-Ngai
Cast: Melvin Wong Gam-San, Phillip Chan Yan-Kin, Pat Ha Man-Jik, Pauline Wong Siu-Fung

Was just settling down to watch this one on an old VHS tape that I got when I bought a bag of tapes for $2 from one of the Chinatown video stores I used to frequent back in the day (see this post about that purchase). Sadly, the tracking on my VCR is kaput, so I only got 10 minutes into it. Remember seeing a great trailer for it on the front of a tape I rented in the mid-90s that impressed me, but only getting around to it now. Highly influenced by the Italian black gloved killer giallo flicks, Night Caller is written, directed and starring Philip Chan who played Chow Yun-Fat's superior in Hard-Boiled. I recall reading that Chan was an former cop who won some PSA jingle contest and through that got into the film industry. Last I heard, he was involved in production.

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the night caller is a nice little piece of HK goodness. i still have my laser disc of this one