Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jackie Chan pulls up his HK roots

I bookmark lots of blogs, forget about them and then rediscover them sometimes a year later or so when I clean up all those tagged sites. Re-discovered Hong Konger YTSL's blog "Webs of Significance" in the days leading up to my trip and it is getting me excited to go back, plus the fact that I have three days with no biz commitments!

This March 7th post of from her blog points out the fact that Jackie Chan has closed his landmark office in Kowloon Tong to move to Beijing, and the building is slated for demolition.

She also points out the fact that most Hong Kong residents don't think to much of him after making some controversial political comments where he kowtowed to Mainland China and that he recently came, "dead last out of 80 candidates in a poll of most versus least trusted people in Hong Kong."

Check her blog for more deets and poke around for photos of HK from her viewpoint.

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Anonymous said...

Good riddance. The man hasn't put out a decent movie in years and seems content to use whatever warm feelings mainland Chinese and North American audiences have toward him to guarantee screens for sub-mediocre fare like 'The Spy Next Door' and an unasked-for remake of 'The Karate Kid'. I used to worship this guy as a kid (and have a well-worn copy of his ghost-written autobiography 'I Am Jackie Chan' to prove it), but really, any claim he might still have to the public's attention has long since been revoked by his avowed contempt for Chinese democracy and, more importantly, his disinclination to put out quality work.