Monday, November 15, 2010

run baby run: Fatal Termination

I've been absent from blogging, but the other day I was working on archiving my poster/lobbycard collection and came across this gem of a lobbycard that I had to share. It's from Fatal Termination, a film with a WILD stunt scene that I have posted about before. This picture says it ALL. I also scanned a newspaper ad for the film and at the bottom is a YouTube clip of the film for you to experience the mayhem.


zombivish said...

is there anything other than the German DVD available anywhere?
All i can find is the OOP HK dvd and the German edition (which looks like it's not English friendly).

Colin said...

I can most likely wrangle you a copy... DM me on the twitter!

Ty said...

Looks like a crazy film! Also woah! what a stunt!