Sunday, February 19, 2006

lazy sunday surfing...

I'm at the studio in a fit of procrastination as I should be writing the copy for the next two Kung Fu Fridays. Let me justify it by sharing these two links with you.

Every day or so, I have a number of links bookmarked that I pull up and then browse through for new updates (thanks to the "open in tabs" feature). One of my fave spots to go is earnest little cartoon guy, which is a photographic reference to cool spots. Rather than blather on about the content – as I find myself doing now – he just lets the images speak for themselves. Here are two links that he has turned me on to:

a gallery of photographic images from old Beijing

with the handgun frenzy in Toronto right now, maybe looking at the commerical roots of the issue might help with solutions. here are images of the selling of gun culture through the 20th century. If only the white lotus clan WERE impervious to bullets... (earnest guy link)

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