Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"you've got ninjas..."

Sure signs that you have a ninja infestation? Trails of wasabi in the kitchen....

Check out this jokey short flick "Pest Control"


E said...

We have "No Ronin" signs in our town. Ninjas aren't real big in these parts, but wandering samurai? Oy vey!

Kenneth Bi said...

Hi Colin, good to hear from you. The photo you have in About Me is of Luo Lie. He used to come to our house to gamble when I was a kid. I'm sure you know this already. He had an uncontrollable twitch, he would blink in an exaggerated manner and just kept moving his eyes and nose all the time. It was rather menacing. But when he's working and as soon as they yelled "Action!" the twitching would disappear. When they yelled "Cut", he would start blinking again.

Talk to you later