Monday, February 20, 2006

this one goes out to the The Silver Fox

Looking through my blog stats the other day and found that people search for the strangest things on google, like the number of hits that I get from searches for "are you ready to get your guts kicked out", that pulls up one of my early postings relating to DJ Shadow and a super-8 film in my collection.

This next image goes out to the fella who found my site doing a search for "Silver Fox"! Anyone know where the State was? What a great tagline: "Where The Action Is!" I did a search for that and nothing to exciting came up. Funny how some people's definition of "action" is "computer science as an engineering discipline"...

Note - After posting this, a message came in from Lars Erik Holmquist, high priest of the Göteborg, Sweden chapter of the White Lotus Society of HK Fandom:
It's hilarious that you pick on Paul Dourish's book WHERE THE ACTION IS on your blog! It happens to be a very important book for me and my colleagues but it's also very dense, and very philosphical. A KARATE ACTION EXTRAVAGANZA it certainly is not.

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E said...

I've noticed the search link thing on my blog as well. How anyone else could be thinking the same thing as me is scary.