Sunday, June 18, 2006

bava-san and domo-arigato-giallo

Always delighted by old posters and ads, I was thrilled to stumble across this link from Jason Gray to a link to a Japanese website with images of Italian horror films exhibited in Japan during the 60s/70s...

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tdc said...

Hi from Tokyo, I'm a friend of JG.

That's nice image for newspaper ads. I wish could go to this screenings.

The above indicates double feature with Roger Corman's "The Fall of the House of Usher" and Mario Bava's"The Mask of Satan". Wow! Great!

In this ad, they say,
Proudly presents for enjoy the cool of the summer
In case of female audience faints in the cinema, we get her back home taking our responsibility.
...well, well..

By the way, Kiyoshi Kurosawa is known to be a enthusiast for Italian horror including Mario Bava. Actually he was born in 1955, so he might go to see these screenings, be influenced from childhood.