Thursday, January 05, 2006

foxy 70s ladies and their fu

I have journeyed back to the land of comic books following a long hiatus after reading recommendations on BIGFOOT and DOOMED from Bookgasm. The trip to Toronto's best comic book store, The Beguilling, provided me with two more tips for SHAOLIN COWBOY and DOC FRANKENSTEIN, but more on those later. Plus, I have found a great site, Datajunkie, with high quality PDF scans of lurid 70s comics with horror, sci-fi and even giant monster titles! I like reading comics, not hoarding them in plastic bags and this site gives me access to the forbidden fruit that my parents would not let me bite into when I was a kid!

Now my next order is for this one shot, a reprinting of DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGONS, a strip that appeared in the last issues of Marvel's DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU. Don't recall it and I only read a few issues of that mag back in the day, but it looks intriguing, a spin on ENTER THE DRAGON, but with hot kickin' ladies! Created in 1977, the panels seem fresh with the inspirations coming from the kung fu and blaxploitation cinema craze of the day. And again, I read it at Bookasm. Visit this link for great scans of the old covers like the one at the top of this posting.

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