Wednesday, January 25, 2006

we have a winner!

Thanks for all those who gave my little mini-contest a go! I think the hint was pretty obvious, but I didn't want a total stumper! Here is the answer from "Poptique" aka Matt Richardson from the UK:
"Hmmm - is this Follow That Star or Follow the Star? It's supposed to be a crazy comedy with a bunch of weird bad guys in..."
Matt will be getting a CD compilation of over 50 monkey themed rock and roll, R&B, rockabilly and soul songs compiled from premium giveaways from the Dave the Spazz show on WFMU. Congrats!

And for everyone else who gave it a go or even read the blog posting and wondered, here is a runner-up prize 'cause we want no losers! It's a flash update of a retro computer game posted by the fine masters of visual fu at Transbuddha. However, be warned, the next contest will be a little more challenging!

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Jason Gray said...

How about a Kung Fu Friday contest where audience members play retro martial arts coin-op games projected on the big screen for prizes? Karate Champ, Kung Fu Master, Yie Ar Kung-Fu etc.

There was another one called China Road that has never been seen again (no ROMs, no pictures, no Google results). Beginning to think it didn't exist.