Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Are you ready to get your guts kicked out?

I was planning on posting this up earlier, but I got around to pimping up my template. Check out the snazzy side banners for the next two Kung Fu Friday screenings. And thanks to author and friend Brian Davis for pointing the Herzog quote to me. On to the post...

Recently stumbled across this song by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist off of their collaboration Brainfreeze which uses an old radio ad for a film that I have on Super 8 digest. What a great excuse to scan in the box. Okay, crappy art, BUT that tagline! Yikes! Never really went to a film looking to see someone get a deep intestinal kick, but I guess audience expectations in the 70s were different. I did threaded the film through the projector, but don't recall it being anything special. It was interesting to see a 70s kung fu film in B&W. Felt like I was watching my parents' old Hitachi set.

And of course, I MUST share the song with you. Click to listen or download, etc...

I also scanned two other Super 8 Digests and plan to share those in the near future. Enjoy the tune!

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