Monday, January 30, 2006

live trailer mash-up

From Toronto based artist Brian Joseph Davis, the man who first told me the Herzog quote I use on this blog, comes "Voice Over", where Davis created a text based on lines from 500 different film trailers, then gave the cut and pasted text to a professional voiceover artist Scott Taylor to read. You can stream Voice Over from this page, or download the MP3 here. I will have to bug him for a source list! Also check out Brian's Ten Banned Albums, Burned, Then Played project.

I have a nostalgic love for the movie ads that played on radio and ignited my overactive imagination as a child. I have been lucky to even find a few on 45 records over the past years with my biggest score being the 45 radio ads for ENTER THE DRAGON, FIST OF FURY and CHINESE CONNECTION. Maybe I will post them in the future... In the meantime, visit Skinny Robbie's blog that features a heaping pile of MP3 files of radio ads for horror films from the 60s and 70s.

1 comment:

Tony Walsh said...

Holy crap, Voice Over was amazing for about 30 seconds, but after about 5 minutes I started wanting to tear my brain out from the inside. IT... JUST... WON'T... STOP!